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Do I need to file income taxes?

If you attained or earned any income, you probably have to file an income tax return. There are circumstances where you might not, depending on how much your income was, how old you are, as well as your filing status (married, single, etc). If you are not certain, have this information available and contact us at 203.353.0132.  In some scenarios, you might not be required to file a return, but filing could present you with a tax refund.

When is the deadline to file taxes in Connecticut?

The deadline to file your personal income tax returns is April 15, and that applies to both the federal return for the IRS as well as the Connecticut tax return. In the event that you cannot send the return by April 15, request an extension (by 4/15) which allows you to file your return by October 15. When you do get an extension, you still have to pay any amount due by April 15–the extension is only for submitting the return not paying your tax bill.

Who can prepare tax returns?

You want to use a tax professional who is reputable and trustworthy, this just isn’t the time to use the most cost effective tax preparer. An inexperienced or non-professional preparer can cost you considerably more money by filing incorrectly and result in overpaying taxes, or perhaps worse–underpaying taxes which could bring about IRS penalties as well as other difficulties.

Can I prepare my income taxes myself?

You’re allowed to prepare and file your own personal tax return, but it's critical that your tax return be accurate, and hiring us is the most effective way for making sure you are receiving all of your respective refund without having any expensive errors. It can be easy to overlook or miss deductions and credits that you may be entitled to claim.

To understand more or to retain us for tax preparation, tax planning, tax services, and small business tax preparation, call us now at 203.353.0132.